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Tailoring Tips


Does this sound familiar? Your dress shirt fits in the sleeves and collar but billows so much in the back and sides that you could smuggle a baby in it. Fortunately, we offer slim and athletic fits at GaryTailor.com


Tie Length

The bottom of your tie should hit the middle of your belt buckle. It's that simple.


Jacket Chest

If the lapels bow or the jacket creases when you button up, your suit jacket is too small. Conversely, you don't want to be able to fit a Kevlar vest beneath your jacket. It should lie flat against your chest. Our master tailor sizes your jacket appropriately, and then keeps the paper cutting pattern.


Suit Sleeves

Your suit sleeves should reach the crease of your wrist. Ideally, a smidge of cuff should peak out. At GaryTailor.com, we do it right.


Jacket Back Collar

No crease, no roll. Nice and smooth. Many tailors neglect the details that GaryTailor.com will not overlook.



Your suit jacket should hug your shoulders. If the padding protrudes past them, the jacket is too big. Our master tailor, S. Gary, custom tailors every suit to fit your needs.



A woman's figure can be described as hourglass ; the fit of a man's suit should not. You want something moderately tapered. And no matter how muscular you are, don't go too tight. Your jacket should drape, not constrict.


Jacket Length

Two things to remember: If the back doesn't cover your butt, it's too short. If you're unable to cup your fingers around the hem when you straighten your arms, it's too long. This is very important at GaryTailor.com


Flat-Front Pants

Flat-front pants should fit almost like jeans around your hips. Because they are typicaly cut slim down the leg, they need very little break above the shoe, and they need not be cuffed. Our master cutter, S. Gary, measures the perfect length.


Pleated Pants

Just below the navel is how you want to wear them generally with cuffs and with a more generous break than flat fronts. GaryTailor.com is proud to perfect these details.



Excessive dry cleaning deteriorates the fabric, instead spot clean it and have it professionaly steamed and pressed when necessary.


Three Button Suit

Button only the middle button.Never button your bottom button, no matter what kind of suit it is.


Dark Shirts

Should be dry-cleaned to prevent fading.


Peaked or Notched Lapels

Notched Lapels are considered standard on the American single-breasted business suit,though peaked lapels are the more elegant.Peaked give the illusion of added height. Keep in mind that double-breasted suits should always have peaked lapels.


Single or Double Vent

Single vented is classic American,while double vented (with the vents off to the sides) is classic English, although side vents are becoming more common in American fashion.


Single or Double Breasted Jacket

Single-breasted jackets are more common,but some perfer double-breasted jackets because they make the wearer look slimmer.On single-breasted suits, a two or three button closure is standard. The taller you are, the more buttons you'll want (though never more than three). Four or Six button closure is standard for Double Breasted's, though six is considered the more elegant.


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