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Testimonials from Our Customers

"Thank you ... my suits arrived in time for my business tour. They're a perfect fit. Sure beats off-the-rack stuff!!! Hope to see you again soon."
"The shirts you made for me are excellent. I have tried Allen Solly, Forzieri & Bagutta. Your custom shirts are better priced and as good. Keep it up."
"Being rather lanky, I've never had much luck with suits I bought in stores. You gave me excellent results. I've found my comfort zone."
"I look forward to our next meeting again for you listened so well and tailored me what I exactly needed. My shirts are just like the ones I had twenty-five years ago, sturdy, elegant & never out of fashion."
"For someone as big as I am, I'm surprised you could make the six shirts I ordered so beautifully. Could I offer you some vodka the next time you visit Minnesota?"
"My wife works for Polo Ralph Lauren. I still prefer your shirts. More power to you. See you in Houston again soon."
"I just received my suits and they fit will. I like the detailed tailoring because they make the suits look excellent. Do you go to Jacksonville, Florida? I want to get three suits for my son."
"I got my shirts yesterday and they were outstanding. I cannot find any shirts that fit me in the collar or sleeves. Your shirts fit perfectly everywhere. I never thought anybody could fit me, but you measured me perfectly. I cannot believe it! Now I know what a great tailor you are."
"When I got my shirts, I was thrilled. Whenever I wear your shirts out, everyone admires them. I have referred you to several of my friends. Please add the attached list of people to your mailing list. Please let them know when you plan on visiting Bastrop, Louisiana."
"My suit has the fitting of an Armani on a Hollywood star. I feel good!"
"The workmanship and attention to detail on my suit order is worth positive feedback. I have had unpleasant experiences with other tailoring outfits before but I think your establishment is a fine place to do business with. Regards."
"I both admire and respect your work and look forward to a long-standing business relationship."
"Your service is excellent and workmanship superior. I have bought other custom tailored suits and shirts of higher price than yours but they are half good as yours."
"I have enjoyed extra pockets inside my suit jacket. My valuables are safe when I travel from pickpockets. I love extra change pocket inside my slacks pockets keeps my change at one place. I was surprised that these were your standard details. I have never seen them before."
"Your fabrics are excellent. They hold well when I give my shirts to the commercial laundry. My buttons used to break all the time but not anymore.

Thank you for excellent shirts, I am your customer forever."
"I have never had slacks that would rise perfect. I have always had to face the problem of too short or too long. Thank you for the perfect measurements."
"Frankly, the clothing is so beautifully made that I sat in the chair absolutely speechless. The work is outstanding!"
"Thanks again for the fine, quality craftsmanship put into my garments. I eagerly look forward to your return visit."
"I got my shirts and tried them on. Great fit! Thank you for the excellent service. I will order more in the near future."
"I find your website to be clear and easy to use. It asks for more detailed measurements which makes for a more precisely fitting shirt."
"Thank you SOOOO much for your help and speed with which your were able to finish my order, especially on such short notice! Thank you again."
"Thank you for the fast service"
"I wanted to express my complete satisfaction and extreme joy over the arrival of, what will be, my first of many S. Gary suits and shirts! I have never looked as good, or felt as comfortable in the suit and shirts I've purchased. I can never shop for a suit at a department store again. Thank you so much S. Gary and all your wonderful staff!"
"Hello, SG. My shirts arrived last week and ALL ARE GREAT !!! Thanks."
"I am sorry that I haven't written sooner to tell you how pleased I am with my new shirts. They fit perfectly and the fabrics feel good and launder well. I will soon order several short sleeve shirts."
"The shirts came this afternoon and look very nice. Thank you for your professional assistance throughout."
"I find your site to be informative and easy to use."
"I received the two shirts yesterday and they are beautiful!!! I cannot wait to make some additoinal selections when you come to town in June. Thanks for getting the shirts to me so quickly."
"The last batch of shirts was great! I'm pleased to order more from you, and I will never buy shirts from a store again!"
"I got my shirts. They fit wonderful - you did an awesome job! Can't wait for you to come Atlanta to fit me in a suit!"
"Dear Gary,

Thank you, I received the shirts last week and am very happy with the results. Please let me know next time you are in New York."
"I just received my shirts and tried them all on. They are terrific. They fit perfectly. Thank you so much for all of your personal care. I apologize again for the bank confusion and I look forward to test wearing a shirt tomorrow. Right now my kids are fighting over which one I should wear. Thanks again."
"Gary, I am wearing the shirt today. I enjoy the feel and style. I love it and so does everyone else. I will be ordering from you soon Gary. Good, no, great job!"
"Got all my shirts, but waited until the first laundry to comment on them. Gary, them are wonderful! They look great, wear great and launder perfectly. I've received more customer service and satisfaction from you, located in Austin, then I did have from my former shirtmaker located 5 miles from my home! Repeat business? Yes sir as well as outstanding references. Thank you again."
"It was very nice talking to you too. I greatly appreciate the great customer service and the obvious pride you take in making certain the order is done to perfection! I can hardly wait to see the shirts, but I'll be able to hold on until the end of November :>) I've already told some friends about you. Have a great day. Laura"
"Many thanks for the remade shirt, which arrived over the weekend. I certainly appreciate your commitment to customer service, and I look forward to meeting you on a future visit."
"I received two shirts a short time ago and they are beautifiul!!!!"
"The shirt is wonderful. Thank you so much. I will have to order another one very soon."
"Thank you for the great service. Thanks"
"Thank you, Gary. I have come to trust implicitly your ability to do it just right! If I don't talk to your before,I hope you have a great holiday season."
"Thanks for your prompt and generous service."
"The suit arrived before New Year's. I am very pleased. Looks great, fits great. Thanks."
"Shirts Look Great.Thanks"
"I received the 2nd shirt you made today and it is just exquisite! Thank you so much. I can't wait to order more shirts from you in the future--all different kinds. The workmanship is really incredible and crisp. I'm done with going to the department store for shirts. So glad I found your website. Keep up the great work."
"The shirt arrived yesterday at my office and I brought it home today. I am impressed by the material and the detail of the stitching. I look forward to my future shirts. Your color selection is superb."
"I couldn't be happier with my shirts. They fit perfectly! It is so nice to be able to finally get exactly what I want in a great selection of fabrics at a reasonable price. The customer service was much better than I expected from an online tailor. Thank you for following up immediately when I had questions about my order. You are true professionals and will be receiving more orders soon."
"Thanks Gary...I love the first shirt...fits perfect and great service by you and your team during the process!!"
"Gary, my shirts arrived on Friday and they are great fit perfect thanks much"
"I received the suit and shirts today and am very pleased. I looked the order over very carefully, and the workmanship and details of construction are beautifully done. I compared it to a shirt and suit I own and of course there is no comparison. And the fit is great especially for someone who is 6’3” and is used to things being a bit short somewhere."
"I received the shirts a few days ago. As usual, they are outstanding!
I look forward to receiving the suits."
"The formal shirt that I requested arrived today, and it is
perfect! The fit is ideal. Thanks so very much!"
"I want to let you know that I understand and appreciate how much effort it is to accommodate my particular requests. You have been very helpful and always have a great attitude."
"Just wanted to thank you for expediting my last order for a silk shirt in white. You promised it would arrive before my trip to Paris, and arrive it did-2 weeks early. Incidentally, the shirt is a thing of beauty. Once again, many thanks."
"Thank you for your update. As always, your customer service is spot on!"
"I received the order of two shirts and one jacket yesterday.They look great.
"Just a quick note. I received my shirts a few weeks ago, and have had an opportunity to wear each one. The fit is wonderful, the fabric is excellent and I am very pleased that I decided to shop with you. Thank you for a great job."
"I received my custom shirt today and was astonished at how well made the shirt is constructed and nicely detailed. It fits perfectly! The fabric selection is the nicest surprise and is quite luxurious. I am extremely happy and looking forward to placing my next order shortly. It was well worth the wait!"
"Charlie just told me he received all of his stuff, and loves it. Thank you for getting it to him fast, and as always for making them perfect.
Thanks again,"
"I got the shirts a few days ago and they are perfect. I do not think they could be any better even if you measured me in person. Please save these measurements, I will be ordering again soon. My days of going to the mall are over!"
"I just received my custom order today and am extremely pleased. The shirts exceeded my expectations (quality, fit & attention to detail). As such, I look forward to ordering again in the near future now that I can personally attest to the fine craftsmanship. Please know that I am absolutely delighted with my purchase. Awesome!!!"
"Hi Gary
Everything came yesterday and is wonderful as always! Thanks again for putting the rush in for me!
"I just received my very first order from your company. I am writng to tell you how please I am with my first purchase expeience. I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical about placing and order for custom shirts online. You were extremely helpful processing my first order under a time lin that I was working with. When I received my shirts they fit perfectly and the quality exceeded my expectations. I intend to purchase from you again. Hopefully I wll be able to meet you on your next trip to New Orleans."
"Just got my 6 new shirts in today -- excellent work and thanks!"
"Received the shirt today. It was Great!
Everything I expected it would be. Fits perfect! Thanks very much for getting it to me in a timely manner."
"Received Suit, it is beautiful !!!! Thank you so much, I will be ordering many more from you !!!!"
"The shirt arrived today.
Your product and service both exceeded my expectations,and most importantly--my bride is happy. I will keep you in mind when I'm ready to replace/add to my wardrobe"
"The tuxedo, suit and shirt arrives. As always, PERFECT! Thanks"
"Gary, I was very impressed with how you handled my recent order when I received a shirt that was the wrong fabric. You simply made it right by allowing me to re-order another shirt without a hassle. I am in the service business and I don't often see the customer taken care of when a problem occurs. I felt extremely valued and will be a customer for many years to come!"
"The shirt is beautiful and fits well. Thank you sooo very much!"
"Hi Gary,
I received all 3 suits I ordered today. I am very pleased with the speed you were able to make and ship the suits to me.
It also looks like the quality is just as good as before and I am looking very much forward to wearing them.
Thanks a million for the good craftsmanship and the extremely customer oriented service you and your staff provide."
"I received yesterday my shirt with the new collar. I am very pleased with it. I'll be ordering more in the future because of the nice way you handled my problem. Many thanks."
I got the vests today. They look great. Thanks!"
I received the shirts - the fit is fantastic! Thank you!"
"Mr. Gary,

I wanted you to know this shirt is excellent. The fabric is wonderful and the stitching/collar/cuffs are great. Thanks!"
"Mr. Gary:

The suits and shirts arrived today. They look great. In particular, the Charles Clayton gray stripe is a dandy.

Thank you very much."
"Gary, the shirts that i ordered all fit great. I love the way I look in them i found my new tailor. Great Job."
"I must say, you did and excellent job on this shirt. It is perfectly tailored. I could not be more pleased. Thank you."
"New shirt arrived yesterday. Thank you Gary. It is beautiful"
"Good Morning,
Good news - package was there as you thought! They neglected to notify me. Thanks for your help. I value your kindness and professionalism. My clothes are very well made and most of all they fit! Please use me in your comments section!
The new shirts are the best I have ever had. Thank you for your help!"
"The sport coats arrived today and both look and fit great. Very nicely done!"
"Just received my shirts. Though I quickly tried one on, they seem to be a great fit and quality. Can't wait to try them all!!!"
"I just want to thank you for the shirt. It's really great. It's going to look amazing with my suite at my wedding. Thank you."
"Hi Gary
I picked up the jacket. Fits great.The stitching is just right. It is exactly what I wanted. Great job. Please keep all of these jacket specifics. I may be wanting a grey one exactly the same.
Thank you."
"They first suit fits perfectly! Thank you so much!!"
"Gary, I got my shirts today. They look great! Thank you for getting them to me so quickly. Gilbert"
"Good Afternoon Gary,

I received the Blazer today by DHL

IT IS PERFECT! The turn-a-round time is unbelievable……

Gary, Please keep these measurements on file for future orders……. A really great job!

Thank you! Lining is also “okay” just kidding, I love it!!

"Hi Gary,

My shirts came today by DHL, they are perfect!!! Thank you for the quick turn-around…….

"They look great and are tailored perfectly! Allow me to compliment you and your colleagues on a job well done. And let me know when you're planning to be back in Boca."
"New Sport Coats:Arrived yesterday and they look great and fit beautifully. Well done!"
"Mr. Gary,

Good whatever time it is! I hope you are well. It was a pleasure meeting you on June 17, 2017 in Tampa and talking about food. I am looking forward to your next visit and some Thai or Indian food. One of my suits and shirts arrived today. I had them pressed and tried them on - they look GREAT and fit perfectly. I will wear them when I come to see you the next time you are in town so your expert eye can take a look, but I am completely thrilled with how they turned out! You’ve got me hooked! I will look forward to your next visit.

Best wishes,

received the 6 shirts for my father Nelson Pamer and the 8 shirts for Rod Pamer.
Each one is beautiful and well-made. It has been a long time since I had ordered from you but look forward to seeing you again.
When will you be in Cleveland next?
I want to bring some people with me.
rod pamer"
"Hi Gary,

I just received the rest of my order (shirts came a few days ago, sports jackets and slacks today). Your work is beautiful! You have exceeded my expectations. I think you have a new customer for life.

I'm going to enjoy these for years to come.

Thank you so much for the outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail. I look forward to future purchases!

By the way, are there any special instructions for care? Dry clean and press I assume, but I want to be sure.

John Fleming"
"Wanted to let you know that I received the slacks. I really liked the upgraded hook clasp on the waistline and the "extra" dimension to accommodate my thermals. I am here in Edmonton Alberta and it has been -40F outside. Because of the chill, I've been wearing two pairs of thermals to keep warm and I still look fine! Well done."
"Thanks so much for your call. The personal service is above and beyond the call of duty."
"Finally got home and had my garments pressed. Outstanding as usual. See you when you come back. Thanks!"


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